The following are some of the many testimonials we’ve received from satisfied members…

“Fantastic selections week after week, so so close to winning the big one, great to be part of this Syndicate. I am in full time for sure, keep the great selections coming, Highly recommend this service”
Martyn Thomas, Devon

“Being part of this syndicate has added plenty of spice to our Saturday racing. We’ve been knocking on the door every week and have landed place dividends both the last two weeks which goes to show how good the team behind the selections are. We’ve also won money using the selections in forecasts and even tricasts…. for £20 a week it’s some of the best value around!”

Nick McKenna, Kent

“I am a member of PlayScoop6 and I would like to express my sincere thanks to David and his team for all the hours they put in to winning our scoop 6 dream. I have found it to be a very pleasurable, genuine and personal operation”

Andrew Stinchon, Lancashire

“PlayScoop6 is fun and it’s also cheap. Since I began subscribing, I’m now over £800 in profit from backing their Scoop6 selections.”

Ian Walker, Wakefield

“I joined PlayScoop6 a while ago and although we have not won the big one yet, you can make money from their selections and they will advise you what to do… I also had a forecast that paid £115 to £1. This is a brilliant service and they do all the hard work.”

Ray Small, Hereford

“I find the PlayScoop6 service great, offers punters a genuine chance of getting in on the big one without the outlay I would need to cover the lines needed and it’s getting closer each week”

John Chaplin, Hertfordshire

“I’ve been subscribing for 5 weeks to PlayScoop6 and although we haven’t hit the jackpot yet, I’m confident it will happen, but with my own bets on only some of the selections I’ve won each week, and for £20 it’s a no brainer.”

George Shaw, Uttoxeter

“I have found the service to be sincere and honest in all aspects of its operation. I can see there is a genuine chance of winning “the big one”. Indeed, David and the team have come very close more than once and members can place our own additional dutching and forecast/tricast bets on the selections. Emails are answered promptly and helpfully.”

Peter Shaw, Dover, Kent

“I’ve been a Scoop 6 player since it started that’s why I had to be part of this syndicate. The last few weeks have been ‘nail biting’ and exciting and with this syndicate the jackpot’s more than a chance event. It may even be next Saturday!”

Kevin McDonnels, Huddersfield

“PlayScoop6 are not promise-the-moon merchants….they don’t pretend it’s easy to win this BUT they have won it before and come pretty damn close several times since I’ve been a member. They work very hard, no Mystic Meg stuff involved and they will do it again. If I didn’t think so, I wouldn’t be part of the bet every week.”

Susan Wells, Norfolk

“It’s an affordable way to get involved in this popular but difficult accumulator. I appreciate the hours and hard work that the team puts into achieving their (our) goal. The information is top rate and a profit can be made on the day if using the selections in various bets. There is a detailed analysis in the evening reviewing the results. I feel that I can put my trust in the guys behind this syndicate.”

Paul Monaghan, London

“I have to say that I am delighted with the service. I have gained utmost trust in all my dealings with you & am delighted with being able to make regular profits from dutching etc. I have no criticisms, other than that I can’t wait to congratulate you guys when you do ultimately pull off the BIG ONE.”

Berry Baker, UK

“What appeals to me most about the PlayScoop6 service is it is very easy to enter (bank transfer) and you are very open with the way you operate in that all is explained in plain language. All results, good or not so good are revealed, and your selections are revealed so that all members can take advantage if desired before the off.”

Don Sykes, Portugal

“I am very pleased that I joined. When you have the PlayScoop6 team that are trying every week to claim the big prize then it naturally follows that the selections they make are of the highest order and if you place those selections in a multiple,Dutch or combination bet then it more than covers your weekly outlay and some plus of course there is the added bonus of maybe the Scoop 6 will be won by the team giving you a share in the jackpot.”

Bob Watson, Poole, Dorset